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We are a team of extraordinary individuals with unique and varied talents. Some of us have Master's degrees, and some have "PhD's" in the school of hard knocks of life. Together, as a team we make purchasing a vehicle efficient and personal, and every client relationship is cherished. We make up a unique dealership that sells a high volume of vehicles utilizing powerful technology and a purposeful message.

Recently a client called us from Rochester, NY, 392 miles away. We discussed the 7 series BMW that he sought to purchase. At the end of the call he indicated that he liked the car. Ten and a half hours after he called, the car was in his driveway and we were paid in full. 

Similarly, some time ago we received an inquiry about a VW Phaeton. The client wanted the car for his ski house in Austria. We told him that we could deliver it in 3 weeks.  He wanted it faster, so we made it happen. Thirty hours after hanging up the phone the car was received in Austria. 

We want to bring this sense of purpose and urgency to the sale of BMW motorcycles. Our people bring that to the every sale resulting in loyalty and referrals. Most of our customers buy all of their future vehicles through us. Our google reviews reflect this at an remarkable 4.6/5 review score.


Our people make the difference.

Our People

Proven, Innovative, Reliable

Experienced & Proven

Our  extensive experience running a profitable dealership, selling both autos and motorcycles has prepared us for all kinds of sales, marketing and operations tasks.

Innovative & Forward Thinking

We are leaders, early adopters, technologists, sales gurus, and we are practical. We know technology and have already disrupted the automotive sales industry with our new processes and techniques. We believe in the BMW Motorrad product and together we will have a successful partnership by every measure.

Reliable & Persistent

As a team, we make sure that every potential customer has been adequately taken care. We don't give up. We are relentless, yet compassionate. 



Norfolk, MA


Untapped Market

Our proposed location is in Norfolk, MA. The location has approximately 11.5 acres of land free for building an unparalleled BMW Motorrad facility.  

Only 1.9 miles from Patriots' Gilette Stadium

The location is in close proximity to Patriots' Gillete Stadium, only 1.9 miles away, resulting in a high amount of nearby consumers. Gilette stadium plays host to the New England Patriots football team, New England Revolution soccer team, and is the musical venue of choice for huge stars including Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney. Town statistics show a very healthy 32,580 AADT, Annual Average Daily Traffic rate, on route 1 nearby. The location's proximity to the stadium allows for a large amount of spillover customers in town for a Patriots football game or other large event. The Foxboro car show also takes place at Gillette Stadium bringing thousands of auto fanatics to the area. Our BMW Motorrad facility will be an easy to get to destination spot for these customers before or after the event. 

Amazing, Extensive Facilities

Designed to reach new markets and excite the current market


BMW Motorcycle Test Track

Test track designed for both on road and off road BMW motorcycle testing. Those who are new to BMW or wondering about what makes the BMW motorcycles so special can test them out on our test track converting motorcycle veterans and newbies to the BMW Motorrad brand. 

Time Rented Self Repair Facilities

Bays available for rent allowing those that are curious about doing light maintenance work and want to learn about their bikes to change brakes, tires, and more using Genuine BMW parts. Before leaving the shop, one of our BMW Motorrad technicians will inspect the work for road-worthiness. 

In Complex Euro style Cafe

As a destination spot, our location will include a full service Euro style cafe as well as other amenities encouraging all ages to come and be part of the BMW Motorrad family

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4-8 Industrial Rd. Walpole, MA 02081



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